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From the "Faith" section of the Index Journal
The Index Journal featured Toni Armstrong Sample 
on an entire "Faith" page of the Sunday newspaper.  
Her art and her writing, were examples of a fulfilling life.
As an Artist, Writer and Speaker -- rave reviews are all there seems to be.
"I was riveted... I couldn't stop reading."
I want to hear more about Paige and her life.  There is pain, recovery, growth, healing, love and so much more.                Deborah Scott
"The history of Jekyll Island, and poetry of Sidney Lanier are enlightening -- coupled with compassion for the heroine."
Toni is far more than just a female Nicholas Sparks.  She has notable talent in telling a great story.   As a newly discovered author I love to boast that "I knew her when...".  This is a book for everyone, about love and forgiveness          Sandra Johnston, Ohio
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"Toni Armstrong Sample is pleased that she can use her diverse talents in art, writing, and research to create fantasy that increases awareness and joy in others."
News and Reviews for Toni Armstrong Sample
Toni's extensive research about the the Attakapas Indians and Cajuns, gave me a greater understanding of my husband's family. I loved the book."  Sonja Crenshaw
"Betrayal" a Revision of "Distortion" cautions about the methods you use to get ahead in business."
"I loved how she built in so many twists and turns that kept me wanting more, and never figuring it all out until the very end."                                                           Barbara Park
In the 2014 and 2017 
Lenten Pilgrimage at the  
First Presbyterian Church 
in Greenwood, SC. 
Toni, who expresses her faith
in many genres, was honored 
to have three of her paintings included with those of other
notable local artists including painters, potters, wood carvers, 
and others. 
(Top) John and Mary at the Cross  
(Bottom) Peter denying Christ
I've lived and worked in Greenwood many years, so placing a fictional story and characters, amid the backdrop of real regional history, made this a very interesting read.  It sets Toni's stories apart.     Hollace R. Hubbard 
"In "A Still Small Voice"  Maggie gets a last chance to reflect back on her life, learning lessons she missed the first time."
 In  "I'll Never Be The Same", Toni speaks with her voice and her heart.  Every chapter tells about a person or incident from her life-story, and ends with a summary that explains 'What Changed'.
"It was difficult to edit this book because it was so riveting I didn't want to stop to consider anything that might need changed. In the next read-through I began to notice things that needed minor tweaking.'              Susan Jennings, Editor
"A Buck Three Eighty: A Baby Boomers Stories About Growing Up in the North"  is a series of short stories about growing up in rural Pennsylvania.
 I downloaded all of your books that I didn't have. Love them. You have inspired me in so many ways and you lead me to realize my passion for reading.
                                                                                     Stacy Briggs
"I Got Here As Fast As I Could: A Baby Boomers Stories About Retiring in the South" is the final book of personal short stories from Toni's life.
I loved, loved, loved this book. I was born and raised in Erie, PA and thats what caught my eye when I discovered this new memoir, but after just a few pages I was taken in by the author's easy way of writing, more like visiting over a cup of coffee. Her life has been interesting and her stories are good, but what came through to me the most was her spirit. She is a very good writer and I very much enjoyed listening to her story.   Catherine Krinko, Amazon customer
"Song of My Soul" is an afternoon of pleasurable reading.  Follow Keira as she journeys from Naas, Ireland to Panama City Beach, FL.  Will her dreams be answered?
"The Soup Kitchen Gala" is an interesting look at past administrations in Washington, DC from the view of 'President Day'  theme parties at the National Archives.  There is mystery, a break-in, a gun-shot, cold-file analysis, and the realization of lost dreams. 
"Wisdom is Sweet  - The Key to a Bright Future" is the journey through the Bible -- summarizing all the major characters and events in this 190 pages.  The 100 very short chapters refer you to the places to read in the Bible for more detail.

Consider gifting this book, to be used as a daily devotional, an opportunity for further understanding of God's word, or as a way to share your faith.  This book has been highly regarded since it's appearance on the market in 2019