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Thank you for stopping.  After taking a very early retirement from Consulting, and Training and Development, that took me all over the U.S.A., I turned to my writing and art talents.  I also lead Retreats and Speak at various events.

Toni Armstrong Sample.....
 invites her art to speak a     
  compelling truth and her writing
    to reveal her colorful spirit.
Passion in words and art
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    2014 to 2016 my first four contemporary fiction novels of intrigue, inspiration, mystery, healing, and romance were published:  "Distortion,  "The Glass Divider",  "Transparent Web of Dreams", and "A Still Small Voice".  My available books can be found on and in book stores. 
    My memoirs, in three books of short stories, were published in 2017 and 2018.   "I'll Never Be The Same" is about coming out the other side of life's many traumas. Then fun stories follow in "A Buck Three Eighty" about growing up in the north, and "I Got Here As Fast As I Could" about retiring in the South.
    And the journey continues with new books every year.
You can reach me at:

tonisample116 @ gmail . com

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Please enjoy these few selected samples of my art that show the various styles, media and subjects which attract my interest.

Private Collection
Private Collection
"Mary and Baby Jesus"
Private Collection
      Private Collection .